Monday, November 23, 2009

6 Steps to Make A Libra Man Fall In Love

As I was reading few posts on Love & Libra, as I'm a Libra myself, I found out that not all Libra's are the same. I want to share with you guys on this.

The Libra man is extremely popular with women due to his ability to relate to them on an almost feminine level. He is also charming, elegant, and refined – and appreciates the same in a mate. Libra man is romantic, but can also be fickle. He’s typically spoiled by the opposite sex, so you must catch his attention before it’s too late.

  1. Capture his interest quickly. If you don’t enchant a Libra man from the get-go, he’ll soon move on to more interesting conquests. Practice with has made him an impatient catch, but also a suave lover. Catching his eye from the first is a sure way to make a Libra man fall in love.
  2. Compliment him – regularly. The Libra man is a great conversationalist, but his favorite topic is himself. Compliment him as generously as you truthfully can, and you’ll soon win him over. Pointing out how smart he is, and how much you learn from him will gain you extra points (but only if it’s true).
  3. Tell him how good he is in bed if you’ve been intimate. The Libra man is always good in this department, but he also needs to be told just how good he is. He is very responsive to flattery and admiration, and his skills will only improve with your compliments.
  4. Dress well and show that you have good taste. The Libra man dotes on luxury and appearance. Libras like to be proud of their dates, so make sure you go the extra mile to look nice anytime he’ll be near.
  5. Set the right atmosphere. The Libra man finds the wrong kind of setting disturbing. Invite him to your house, with romance in mind. Soft light and music, with a delicious dinner (cooked by you is best) served by candlelight will soon make a Libra man fall in love. If you're going to a restaurant, the more expensive and luxurious - the better. The Libra man believes no price is too high for his pleasure.
  6. Don’t hold back in conversation with the Libra man. Go all out – and get it all out. The Libra man believes that “too much too soon” is far better than “too little too late”. Let him see who you are right from the beginning, truthfully and without lies, and you can make a Libra man fall in love. 
My Ratings: 7/10

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